Dion Lee Resort 2014

Those who appreciate Dion Lee’s crisp and clean aesthetic will irremediably fall in love with the structural works of art building his resort 2014 collection. Dipped in a smart palette of colors, the flattering silhouettes portray another flawless take on proportion, as symmetry and asymmetry are being explored with ease and harmony until reaching that perfect state of balance.

An array of beautiful water inspired prints complementing sleek dresses with clean-cut lines and subtle cutaways came as a breath of fresh air, challenging the traditional color sequence of black and white garments. The “Oil and Water” collection further explored the antagonistic elements in wetsuit-inspired detailing and sheer materials reflecting the water theme, and fluid black leather alongside monochromatic surging prints mirroring the oil influence.

Crop tops, waves of cobalt blue and tangerine, together with Dion Lee’s signature details and cuts made for an exciting interpretation of cruise wear, one that will have no problems breaking the boundaries and invading the streets with more excitement and more creativity.

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