DKNY’s un-resort collection plays safe

If I said “Resort fashion” you probably imagine floral prints and tiny swimsuits, with the odd kaftan thrown in for good measure. The Resort fashion ‘season’ promises so much, and yet few of us actually want it to deliver. As winter 2012 draws to a close, precisely how many of us will book ourselves a poolside spot in an exotic locale? Few. And yet (economy willing) we’ll all still be shopping, we’ll all still be looking for the odd item with which to freshen our wardrobes. Few of us, though, will be buying the clothes that the word ‘resort’ conjures up. Hence naming it the Resort season is a misnomer – few of us will head there. And the fashion industry, from the luxury to the fast, can’t afford to sell to the few. Hence Resort collections are decreasingly looking like their name suggests and instead looking like something designed for the transseasonal period in which they’ll actually be worn: late-winter, and pre-spring.

Resort collections are increasingly looking like DKNY’s Resort / pre-spring 2013 offering.

Which sees them as collections with dark tones. Collections of blacks and greys with pops of colour here, but seldom a bright summer floral there.

These are all the strengths of DKNY‘s un-resort Resort 2013 collection. Heavy blacks are accented by tuxedo lapels, autumn’s sports fashion serves as a casual accent, and sheers provide a softness that counters the collection’s hard edges. It is very much a collection whose strengths lie in its closing remarks on the autumn / fall 2012 season. It takes the best of that season, offers a glimpse of the spring that will follow, but never ignores the reality that it’s a collection that has not only to sell, but a collection that will hit the racks while winter is still chilling us to the bone.

Few will fawn over DKNY’s resort 2013 collection – seldom do dark collections that cater to simple tastes receive rave reviews – but it may just be safe enough, and wearable enough, to garner the sales it’s looking for.

You can see all of the DKNY resort / pre-spring 2013 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.