Donna Karan Pre-Autumn / Fall 2013

Sculptural, flexible and utterly sophisticated, the Donna Karan pre-fall 2013 collection speaks gently in terms of femininity and artistic direction. Shaped and inspired by her late husband’s legacy, Karan’s collection represents an elaborate take on fashion, telling a story of impeccable execution, and flawless aesthetic.

Each and every single one of the pre-fall looks is envisioned for the modern day woman, that’s permanently on the go, seeking movement, comfort and elegance in her daily attires. Donna Karan pushed the limits of creativity by shaping her fabrics into circular skirts and voluminous jackets that resembled cutting-edge works of art. Nothing was left adrift, as a lot of thought and imagination went into the remarkable details.

Meant to lift women up, as opposed to make them feel weighed down, the fabric choices played an exponential role in defining the concept of the entire collection. Delicate neoprene, lightweight jersey and stretching cotton helped contour what later became an array of exquisite, yet functional designs.

In a tale of black and white, oxblood and navy, gray and rusty hues, practicality met a higher purpose, strongly infused with a urban refinement, meant to emphasize the greatest qualities of a woman’s wardrobe.

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