DSquared2 Fall / Winter 2013

A luxurious Paris, jazz and the nostalgic atmosphere of the 1940s set the tone for the dramatic fall / winter 2013 collection envisioned by Dean and Dan Caten for this season of Milan fashion week (MFW). Definitely loving to put on a perfect show, the DSquared2 designer duo reimagined ways of reflecting the ominous tones of the wartime in manners that felt relevant and appropriate for the modern decade. Exploring the clash of masculinity with the highest form of femininity, DSquared2 played away upon rough contrasts, impeccable tailoring and over the top accessories.

Double-breasted suits and coats, the most popular day outfits during war years, pointing towards menswear but enhancing the feminine fantasy, were styled with double bowties dipped in color, classy ties, peep-toe platforms and an array of oversized fedoras, the latter achieving to put a strong emphasis on classic elegance. For night, the silk gown trimmed in ostrich feathers seemed the perfect rendering of the 1940s and alongside the luxe fur coats, rich velvet ensembles and military inspired dresses, did justice to an era when the iconic image of Marlene Dietrich served to infuse glamour with a whole different meaning.

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Photography by Imaxtree