Duckie Brown: super but not the hero kind

When you discover that a collection you’re just about to see is called Super Duckie certain things spring to mind. After all, having ‘super’ as a prefix connotes all manner of things, not the least of which are capes. Were Duckie Brown designers Daniel Silver and Steven Cox just about to unveil a fall 2012 collection comprised of well tailored capes? Not capes of the classic variety mind, but the kind that sees you wear your underwear over tights and jumping over buildings in a single bound?

Such frivolity was never to be. But super the collection was if you’re willing to accept the word as a synonym for extreme. Indeed the final season of 2012 is one in which Duckie Brown must push the limits of their trademark explorations of relaxed tailoring – the fact that such cuts are entering the mainstream not only dictates as much, it means that the timing is perfect for them to do so.

And do so they did. Forget the mainstream definitions of relaxed tailoring, Duckie Brown have taken it all up a notch for fall / winter 2012. Where other designers have offered a drop crotch here or a loose cut thigh there, Duckie Brown have gone to a whole other level: in fact were this all a game of Monopoly the designers behind the label have not only passed Go and collected $200, they’ve managed to send the designers of loose cuts trousers directly to gaol. So liberal, in fact, are some of their loose cut trousers for fall 2012 that they make some 1930s Oxford bags and zoot suit trousers seem rather conservative.

Naturally, for a look that has to be all about contrasts, Duckie Brown’s autumn / fall 2012 offering isn’t filled solely with relaxed cuts. And that’s great if it’s a look that isn’t quite your thing (it’s certainly not a silhouette that’s going to compliment my particular aesthetic any time soon). Should that be the case, however, you needn’t overlook Duckie Brown’s collection in its entirety. Look past the relaxed cuts, as hard as that may seem, and you’ll find that reinterpretations of classic men’s pieces abound, with most able to be worked through just about any chap’s wardrobe. Of these if any one thing stands out it’s the single and double breasted takes on the three button suit and sports coat – it hasn’t made it just yet, but we do envisage a return to dominance for three buttons in the realm of the modern man’s suit.

As ever, men’s fashion remains at the will of the swinging pendulum of society’s tastes.

You can see all of the Duckie Brown autumn (fall) / winter 2012 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Also from this fashion show.


Photography by Simon Ackerman