Duckie Brown Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013 men’s

No signs of shirts, nor sweaters, not even tees, a clear hunch that Duckie Brown men’s fall / winter 2013 runway show was something of the unexpected and much to its unpredictability and game of proportions, the collection did felt like an interesting upgrade applied to menswear. Regardless if it was needed or not, practical or not, Steven Cox and Daniel Silver made it look like it was inevitable. Pretty amazing at selling their ideas and quite extraordinaire when it comes to technique, the designer duo raised a new challenge, particularly when it comes to outwear.

As the new becomes old in fashion before you can even blink once, the thought of wearing the coat on top must have felt as aged as the world itself for the masterminds behind Duckie Brown, hence the defying idea of reversing the actual role of outwear and together with that the entire notion of masculinity. What could have easily turned into a walking disaster came around pretty strong once the very first look was finally unveiled.

A midnight blue bomber jacket, worn over an overcoat that effortlessly redefined the layering approach, was closely followed by a brilliant selection of other unfamiliar pairings. But in the end it all made sense, mainly because there was a touch of moderation connecting all the elements and in some measure because the strange twist felt surprisingly cool.

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Photography by Imaxtree