Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2013

Year after year, as the seasons went by and the trends changed accordingly, Elie Saab’s haute couture collections have proven a timeless quality, an everlasting charm of some sort that didn’t allow for the garments to become evanescent. Much like his spring 2013 line-up, Saab’s gowns are always envisioned as to pay an “Ode to Delicateness”, hence the more than appropriate title describing the mere essence of his latest couture presentation, and his impeccable aesthetic in general.

With Oscar’s magnificent red carpet spectacle waiting just around the corner, Hollywood’s favorite designer didn’t let his long list of celebrity clientele down, much to the contrary, he chose the most striking pastel colors, added a drop of red and a hint of black and went on playing and drawing only the most exquisite lines of beadwork, on the most flattering silhouettes, as if its real intentions were to make the choices harder and the effect everlasting.

As some read a little bit of Valentino between the lines in Elie Saab’s Paris fashion week (PFW) presentation, especially in the screening of red lace, Tom Ford’s name was naturally mentioned once the floor-length capes hit the runway. But there’s no doubt in the fact that Saab’s signature craftsmanship and his majestic take on sheerness and delicacy are in fact the pedestal on which this collection built its tremendous success.

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Photography by Imaxtree