Emporio Armani Spring / Summer 2013

Armani always knows how to pick music that uplifts – glorifies, almost. The soundtrack at Emporio Armani spring / summer 2013 imbued the runway with a cheery, traditional Italian mood. His mastery of tailoring was immediately paraded forth, a season-after-season reminder of why the man is so revered in his home country – a country where smart dressing isn’t so much a learned skill as an inherited birthright.

With that reminder sent in the first segment of looks, the Emporio Armani Milan fashion week (MFW) show moved onto other, softer things. Still tailored but in what lioked like lightweight silks and crepes, the next pieces were relaxed outfits of sandy tans and neutrals. He brought the real magic last – the glittery, pastel kind of magic the first took roots in the 1980s – with shimmering metallics and soft hues made all the more 80s-rockstar-femme by oversized reflective silver disk earrings. The enchantment of these looks was in their details, from watercolour-wash printed silks to a jacket made from woven leather in graduated pastel tones.

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Photography by Imaxtree