Emporio Armani Spring / Summer 2014

Whimsy isn’t necessarily a defining Armani trait, but his Emporio show was brimming with it. Devendra Banhart’s “Can’t Help But Smiling”, with its calypso-esque xylophone tinkles and peppy beat, was the mood made manifest. Hair tightly woven round u-pins, the Emporio girls looked like Raggedy-Ann dolls without the raggedy: all flowing by in liquid silks and flower-studded sandals, Armani’s famed tailoring taking a fun, nature-inspired turn.

The collection was named for water lilies, and the calmness of water and beauty of the petals both made their mark on the clothing. Allusions to flowers were in the pleats and iridescent fabrics, the movement and the fall of the cuts. Nothing was too heavy or too strict. You could say there was strength in fragility: the softer the pieces, the stronger the looks.

The closing segment added sparkling crystal details to Armani’s dresses. In their almost flapper-esque shapeless forms, these pieces had an ethereal quality. And yet, they never strayed far from earning the label of modern.

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Photography by Imaxtree