Erdem Resort: delicate polarities

For some designers, a resort collection remains at its origin – an in-between seasons collection intentioned for the warm-weather holidays of affluent jetsetters, often tropics themed and inspired by the luxuriously carefree. For Erdem, this seemed not to be the case for 2013. There was an air of drama that surrounded the collection like a pregnant pause. The restrained polish of the silhouettes and meditated use of the floral prints seemed at full juxtaposition to the sporadic accents of lesser somber touches such as more than a smattering of neon pink lace.

In fact, the collection was mainly comprised of delicately polarized opposites. The lighter fabrics that seemed more suited for balmier cruise weather sat with subtle tension against heavier, stiffer materials such as patchwork and raw-finished tweeds. Even the color scheme was a mix of contrasts, with a strong undertone of moody blues in harmonious opposition to pinks, magentas and flashes of white.

As creating a resort collection becomes more readily looked to as a source for transitional dressing, there follows the growing notion that previously considered resort destinations are no longer designated as merely getaways, but rather a place for life to flourish year-round. Delving even more deeply, it could be said that as the global boundaries of our age continue to shift, so too does how we choose to dress. Increasingly, there is no longer a style of uniform that remains reserved for particular days of the year or even moments of the day, but rather modes of dressing to accommodate and complement a multitude of ever-changing lifestyles.

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