Erdem Resort 2014

Making resort look like an easy and fairly constant variable on the fashion map is not all that hard, after all we’re talking about a season built around the concept of a luxurious getaway. What’s harder to do is to actually gift the clothing with a real story, meant for real people to read in order to get their share of inspiration. Upon looking at the pictures illustrating Erdem’s resort 2014 philosophy, you can almost sense the holiday breeze.

Allowing himself the luxury to experiment in his pre-collections, Erdem Moralioğlu decided to extend his brand’s outlook this season by drawing inspiration from his mother’s old holiday photographs. The warm, familiar feeling translated to fluid printed pants, black lace boiler suits and buttery leather mini skirts that steered clear of any rigidity. And while it might evoke a newly discovered sense of freedom, Erdem’s collection still carried a distinct sense of precision.

The elements where the feminine meets the masculine mark a definite new dawn for the Erdem woman, as she knows how to make the most out of the playfulness and sophistication characterizing her wardrobe.

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