Ermenegildo Zegna fall 2013 men’s

If Zegna’s grey-based colour palette seemed a little gloomy, that wasn’t the intention: in fact it was created with the idea of a new industrial revolution in mind, one founded upon cold steel and sturdy granite, where beauty is found in clean lines and the unfussy focus on function.

Function here doesn’t mean clothes you can go hiking in. Sporty accents there were, yes, but they were subtle: Zegna’s fall 2013 collection was mostly concerned with keeping everything elegant, nothing layered on without cause, no detail applied without meaning.

The unique bits of detailing that did make the cut were the kind that signify true luxury, like metal hardware throat-latched onto collared knits and cashmere coats. You’d rarely find a jacket with a simple notched lapel, either – most were peaked or shawl – and some pants were applied with a matching cummerbund that raised the waistline and gave daytime potential to a typically evening-only suiting element. The latter detail was kept so understated – and cool, with ties tucked in – that it left you wandering why we don’t see it more often. Perhaps now, thanks to Zegna, we will.

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Photography by Imaxtree