Etro fall 2013 men’s

It was back to the purest form of fashion sensibility set against the wilder side of nature on the Milan fashion week (MFW) runway during Etro’s fall 2013 presentation. Pretty much consistent with Kean Etro’s long-established bohemian aesthetic, the newly introduced garments carried a strong sense of prevailed flowiness and lightness, somehow contrasting the heavy float of oversized influences that didn’t pass off the collection.

Even the color palette had a hint of exaggerated boldness meant to emphasize the recurring theme of change and transition, subtexts that appear as more and more attractive to designers hiding a soft spot for revolutionary evolution. The Etro man will find that its core was kept intact as shown in an array of playful attires relying on heavy embellished brocades, psychedelic prints and candescent tiger patterns.

You can see all of the Etro autumn (fall) / winter 2013 runway collection as shown at Milan fashion week (MFW) by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Also from this fashion show.



Photography by Imaxtree