Eugene Lin Autumn / Winter 2013: Cupid de Locke

The title of Eugene Lin’s autumn 2013 collection – Cupid de Locke – had me in Mellon Collie era Pumpkins nostalgia, not least when the song finally came washing over the room as the models did their final walk down the London fashion week (LFW) runway. Lin was riffing on Classical Greek mythology; the story of Cupid’s arrow making Helen of Troy fall in love with Paris.

We all know how that ended: a great love story that brought about a great war. The war part certainly didn’t escape Lin though, who explains the collection as “a modern interpretation [of the story] and contrasts between the involuntary violence and fragility of love.”

Lin didn’t take love, or war, or mythology too literally: but there was a definite reference to Ancient civilisation – and to power – in the tiny gold coins that fell like long lost treasure, printed or embellished, across trench coats and dresses and leggings. There was something compelling in these, especially when paired with the dramatic winged makeup and braided hair that could belong to a Goddess or to a warrior, depending on your point of view.

Don’t miss one of the best uses of the gold coin motif: a thick black leather choker studded with them, bringing the classical and the fetishist into unusual and thrilling harmony.

You can see all of the Eugene Lin autumn (fall) / winter 2013 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Images by Christopher Dadey, courtesy of Eugene Lin.