Francesco Scognamiglio Fall 2013: vintage elegance handled with care

Francesco Scognamiglio had me at references to Veronica Lake and La Belle Dame Sans Merci. The ice cold woman who knows how to get what she wants, the notion of 40s glamour fused with modern punk, isn’t unexplored territory but there’s still plenty to be done with it. For Scognamiglio’s fall 2013 collection it was elegance in a kind of raw and unadulturated form, not twisted so much as shown in new light: vintage elegance handled with care.

And you couldn’t go wrong with these looks. Wool crepe pants, tailored yet relaxed, and delicate sheer blouses all in a pristine vintage white, were simple and divine, rocked up only in a few simple elements. If Veronica Lake were around today, Scognamiglio was musing, she’d be wearing smokey dark makeup on her one uncurtained eye and a glittering punk-glam ear cuff on her uncovered ear.

Scognamiglio’s film noir Hollywood vixen got another subtle update after hours: her gowns, now translucent under the runway lighting, were the kind that not only emphasised her feminine form but left a little less to the imagination than her 1940s counterpart’s. And there’s nothing wrong with that in 2013, when sheer is in and your gowns are as breathtaking as Scognamiglio’s.

You can see all of the Francesco Scognamiglio autumn (fall) / winter 2013 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

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Photography by Imaxtree