G-Star fall 2013: Berlin

Contradiction, craftsmanship and innovation; these were the defining themes of the G-Star fall 2013 collection presented in Berlin earlier this week. Staged within the imposing haunt of St Agnes-Kirche and including a surprise guest appearance by new RAW icon Michael Madsen, the collection was an impressive exploration of the endless possibilities of RAW denim showcased in it’s most unexpected forms.

Speaking with womenswear designer Rebekka Bach before the show it was clear that when it comes to pushing the limits of denim to create experimental yet functional pieces to live in, G-Star knows no boundaries. ‘Everything is possible.’ With strong military, working and hunting influences at the core of both the menswear and womenswear collections, pioneering 3D denim construction techniques, experimental fabrics and new colours were combined with classic styles to reveal a range of bold, contemporary designs encapsulating modernity, wearability and timelessness.

A striking feature throughout the A/W collection was the intense Mazarine blue denim colour inspired by the beautiful french fabric Toile de Chine. This unique denim colour and the contrast of tough, utilitarian pieces paired with delicate tailoring set the tone for a commanding collection of contradictory yet complementary combinations. Key pieces included structured 3D jackets made from crisp, heavy denim fabrics and low-crotched, tapered Charlie pants merging denim and tailoring to create a relaxed, androgynous silhouette for men and women.

The G-Star woman is tough, feminine and independent. She is empowering but she is also real, and discussing the inspiration behind the womenswear collection with Bach in some depth, it makes sense that designing in 3D creates the best fit by simulating working around real bodies. With such confidence in the strength and range of their forward-thinking womenswear collection, it is not surprising that G-Star have recently launched a women’s only store in response to women’s difficulty in finding the perfect fitting jean.

With innovation and craftsmanship as key driving forces behind the autumn / winter collection, the unconventional Art of RAW running Skeleton Dog featured in the latest RAW campaign is symbolic of the G-Star brand philosophy; constantly racing forward, committed to staying ahead.

You can see all of the G-Star autumn (fall) / winter 2013 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.

Photos courtesy of G-Star.