Georges Hobeika Haute Couture Spring 2013

Spring blossoming, beautiful pastel colors colliding forces and an overall enchanting atmosphere took over the runway for Paris fashion week haute couture once again this season during Georges Hobeika’s highly anticipated spring 2013 fashion show. The designer’s majestic take on delicacy and femininity reached a point where it became simply breathtaking, an epic tribute paid to the idea of modern romance.

The ultra-elegant organza numbers adorned with sophisticated flower appliques, soft Swarovski crystal beading and the most exquisite handsewn embellishments, made Hobeika’s garments appear lighter than air and blander than petals, attributes that despite not being the easiest to achieve, felt so effortless and so at home in this couture collection. The clean, flattering silhouettes with a broad emphasis on the female form represent a long established signature of the Lebanese designer that only enriched and expanded his merits with this visually striking line-up.

As they walked down the runway, the gorgeous gowns covered in delicate hues of white, dusted pink, emerald green and aqua blue signaled that they clearly belonged somewhere on the red carpet, right under the spotlights, where they could shine in all their splendor.

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Photography by Imaxtree