Backstage beauty at Ginger & Smart

Completing ten successful years in the fashion industry calls for celebration. And what better way to do it than with bright colours, metallic fabrics and a seriously high-profile front row.

Ginger and Smart did just that with their spring / summer 2012 / 2013 collection at Australian fashion week (MBFWA). But the girls ensured the entire ensemble, including runway accessories, hair and makeup, was styled to celebrate this business achievement.

The backstage scene was colourful, very colourful, in fact, as the hair and make-up team were briefed to bring a “carnival and triumphant ” vibe to the look.

Accents of orange sherbet, lime green and metallic gold on the lips and eyebrows made for the main focus for beauty on the runway, and a fresh, tinted skin acted as the canvas.

Hair maestro, Alan White from ghd, drew inspiration from the thematic palette of the collection and created a bottlebrush-like braided Mohawk on every model, each differing from one another. Due to homage the early 90s post-punk period, the braids added a romantic vibe to what could be mistaken for a rocker look.

“It’s a deceiving mohawk; the collection is inspired by nature and if you look at the hair, you will see an exploding flower in there. It’s this moment for Ginger and Smart where the label blossoms into something bigger. That’s what the mohawk depicts,” said White.

The styling started with several high ponytails, vertically lined along the crown, sectioned a number of times and then braided individually by adding bright extensions.

With this slick and futuristic aesthetic, it’ll prove difficult to stop Ginger and Smart from having another ten thriving years in the business.

You can see all of the backstage pictures of the Ginger & Smart spring / summer 2012 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Photography by Tania Braukamper