Giorgio Armani: easy chic

Giorgio Armani was always going to be a designer to watch for fall 2012 as soon as the majority of Milan fashion week‘s labels and designers offered up collections of women’s fashion with a masculine bent. Armani is a master of relaxed tailoring and this men’s-come-women’s trend depends heavily upon both the technique of the cut and its femininity. Calling his latest autumn / winter collection Easy Chic, Giorgio Armani has created a collection designed for the women who love an androgynous edge that never loses its femininity. And yet he also hasn’t.

For as you browse through the Giorgio Armani fall 2012 collection you’ll note that it opens with overtly masculine looks and transitions into pieces which are solely feminine. The ties that bind are there, however, and Armani has told a story of masculinity and volume, a story you’ll see repeated throughout many a collection and pictorial as the season hits. Which makes Armani’s one of interest: if this is a collection laced with one of the biggest visual stories of fall / winter 2012, what does it teach?

It teaches us that whether it’s overt androgyny, femininity, or something in between, the basics still apply. That plunging necklines on a sports coat will always have a sexier, more feminine appeal than their high-buttoned counterparts. That prints and blaring weaves with tailoring aren’t the easiest things to pull off, but colour is a natural. And that with a faux-fur of volume, wearing it off the side of a bare shoulder is one trick that should be incorporated into your wardrobe.

You can see all of the Giorgio Armani autumn (fall) / winter 2012 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Photography by Imaxtree