Giorgio Armani does what he does best

Giorgio Armani has been in the business for over 30 years – the sole owner of the Armani empire and responsible for every part of it – yet staying relevant has never seemed an issue. The Giorgio Armani brand isn’t one that has to reinvent in wild ways, pull stunts, or go off on tangents, rather the man and his brand just do what they do best and consumers are bound to follow.

That comes down to the classic nature of Armani. For spring / summer 2013, his Milan fashion week show reinforced the fact with timeless relaxed tailoring that drew reference to sportswear in a simple and elegant way.

Classic they may be, but Armani’s outfits also tapped into some men’s trends of the season: pleated pants (Armani’s being a particularly loose-cut version), spring leather jackets, graphical prints and neckerchiefs – rolled with seafaring effortlessness – among them.

You can see all of the Giorgio Armani spring / summer 2013 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Also from this fashion show.



Photography by Imaxtree