Giorgio Armani Spring / Summer 2014 men’s

The question with Giorgio Armani is never so much what will be new and different – the Milan fashion week (MFW) venue is always the same, the format the same (models emerging, inevitably, two by two as if boarding some model arc), the music always reliably uplifting and generationally appealing (like today’s choice which included Lana Del Rey). The question, rather, is what new ways he’ll find to interpret and build on the long-established Armani brand. For Armani is really about surprising and satisfying his loyal audience all at once.

For spring / summer 2014 his collection – titled ‘City In Colours’ – build upon the themes of sportiness and high technicality. There were bursts of colour in cardigans and jackets, breaking through the classic navy and subsiding into pastels and a nude pink. Some pairs of Armani’s slimly cut pants were cropped, baring the sensuality of an ankle above smart loafers. Cloud-like dyed tees mirrored the sky and provided a pared-back accompaniment to tailored pants. The 5-button jacket made a return.

There were evolutions and new injections of sporty details; there were smart leather accessories and – of course – breezy summer tailoring. Enough of the latter to satisfy, and enough of the former to surprise.

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