Giorgio Armani makes dresses from the night sky

You can’t help but love the crescendo of a Couture show. When done right, the collection stars off restrained, a mere promise, and builds up climactically to a grand finale. Giorgio Armani’s autumn 2012 haute couture show was elegance the whole way through: understated at first with silhouettes reminiscent of the 1940s, tailored, wide egged and wide shouldered. Then it worked its way through colour blocks and volumes that were more a nod to the ’80s, before the embellishments took hold and the colour palette of sun and sky deepened to midnight blues.

Armani’s Paris fashion week showing closed with numbers that didn’t go overboard on volume or breadth or shape – their ability to steal breaths was in the beading and sequin work that made them feel akin to vintage costume pieces.

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