Givenchy fall 2013 men’s

In face of progress, most designers feel the need to take a few steps backwards in order to properly advance. Others, much like Riccardo Tisci himself, act fearless when it comes to finally embracing change, switching directions ever so effortlessly. The Givenchy fall 2013 collection at Paris fashion week (PFW) marks the debut of a powerful rock and roll influence that takes the brand’s sensual aesthetic to a new level of intensity.

Generously built upon a series of American, sport and sexual subtexts, the line-up came out bold, mixing high couture elegance, with utility workwear and urban streetwear. The classic palette of black and white was gently enhanced by various hues of grey, while the oversized metal zippers and the raw graphic prints with a clear emphasis on the elaborate sillouethes, stood as proof of the collection’s innovative technique and experimental nature. Stepping forward without even looking back, Givenchy knows how to exceed the modern man’s expectations.

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Alternative Runway

Photography by Imaxtree