Gucci men’s: grunge gods and tortured poets

Forget the Romantic-era notion of the Byronic hero; Gucci’s fall 2012 man is more adequately described as a Byronic rock star. The Milan fashion week (MFW) runway was populated by tortured poets, jaws tightly clenched against the hardship of being simultaneously so brooding and so stylish.

Frida Giannini called it ‘bohemian grunge’, but the word luxury should be prefixed. It’s bohemia formulated through plush velvet, brocade, dandy double breasted jackets and riding boots. Giannini replaced button-up shirts under suits with patterned silk that followed the lines of v-neck cardigans; a layering trick to try at home.

If you are what you dress yourself to be, one wonders whether opting for clothes that lyricise tormented romance might lead to their wearer’s inevitable torment.

But then, when you look like a Bohemian grunge God, isn’t it all just part of the look?

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Photography by Imaxtree