Gucci Pre-Fall 2013

From one collection to the next, it can be hard to believe the same woman sits at Gucci’s helm. Frida Giannini moves sometimes at right angles: she can be maximalist on the detail or minimalist all over, rock ‘n’ roll or wholly refined. This time, for pre-fall 2013, her penchant for 70s influences have given way to a structured, more 1950s influenced femininity.

Silhouettes always make the waist a feature, but volume is also given where volume is due: in cocoon-sleeved coats and puffed shoulders and bell-shaped full skirts. A set of lace dresses conjure up a vision of glamorous sophistication, but where Giannini surprises most – and in a good way – is in a few dresses of plaid or leopard print that gather into a halter at the bust in an unapologetically vintage bombshell way. These, and much of the rest, may not immediately feel like Gucci; but then, it’s a brand that loves reinvention.

You can see all of the Gucci’s pre-autumn / fall 2013 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.