Gucci Resort 2014

A relaxed sense of glamour took over the resort 2014 collection over at Gucci, screaming of summer getaway, but at the same time holding close to the early winter essentials. Brimming with sensibility and delicacy, the Gucci resort 2014 line-up borrows inspiration from the colorful and vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. And if the fluid silhouettes are defined by a sensual playfulness, the metallic fabrics are the ones in charge of delivering the extra-punch.

According to Gucci, this season’s getaway wardrobe must consist of high-waisted silk crepe de chine pants, oversized tunics, gold wrap dresses and sexy jumpsuits in warm tones, spiced up at times by classic beach iconography. The colder days received the same luxurious treatment as the cashmere coat, the woven mink hoodie and the metallic leather trench never looked more feminine, more effortless.

Giving us a taste of the ’70s while keeping the image of the confident, modern woman in mind, Gucci managed to reenvision a series of iconic looks by elevating their unrivaled essence.

You can see all of the Gucci resort 2014 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.

Photos courtesy Gucci.