Guy Laroche Spring / Summer 2013

Guy Laroche’s models had a sort of fierceness to them at Paris fashion week today. Not to be mistaken with toughness: Laroche’s model was a city girl all over, brimming with the kind of sexy sophistication that turns heads and stops traffic everywhere she goes. Her fierceness is in her fast pace, her posture, her willingness to take on the world with a cool determination.

That effect was partly a result of how forcefully the models pounded the runway without a care for keeping their perfected glamour-waves in place (Laroche’s girl would simply never have a hair out of place). And it was partly in the confidence required to wear some of the outfits – in particular the bralet crop tops with their cool, elegant cuts and their pairing with tailored pants, or maxi-skirts with waist bands that mimicked tailored pants.

Guy Laroche was fond of sporty, clean whites for spring, but he also found strength in bold all-over prints and a palette of navy and green that erred more to the cautious side. In any colour, though, these were the kind of impeccably cut pieces that made you sit up and take note. And you could almost believe that in merely putting them on, the outfits would transfer their fierce elegance to any wearer – and that is the magic of a strong collection.

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Photography by Imaxtree