Hexa by Kuho fall 2013: love grenades

Grenade motifs in a collection about love? There seems something fundamentally contradictory in that, but Kuho Jung knows how to break a theme down into something philosophically manageable while still injecting it with a lightness and sense of humour.

The meaning here seems two-fold, that love itself is a kind of outburst, an explosion of emotion; and that war begets resistance, necessitates survival, is the yin to love’s yang. Thinking on those lines, the missiles and arms blueprints and the contrasts of bright and dark somehow fall into place.

And as much as Kuho’s block coloured outfits – the leathery black pieces, the all-over sandy whites, the navy, maroon and blood red ensembles – contributed to a simply beautiful and wearable fall / winter 2013 line up, it was the weapon-emblazoned pieces that really drove home the collection’s message and stuck in the memory. There’ll be no tepid feelings about these: those wanting statement pieces that double as conversation starters will snap them up in no time.

You can see all of the Hexa by Kuho autumn (fall) / winter 2013 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Also from this fashion show.




Photography by Imaxtree