Honor Pre-Fall 2013

Sometimes inspiration can strike from the most unexpected places and lead towards a series of truly fantastical results. For pre-fall 2013, Giovanna Randall was deeply influenced by the image of that last summer burst, more specifically the point where two seasons collide, as the sun still shines in the sky and the leaves float around the pool. Honor’s lineup was gently touched by those same nostalgic notes.

An iconic William Eggleston picture capturing an elderly woman enjoying a cigarette on a broken-down lounge completed Randall’s unique vision, as the designer instantly fell in love with the used print and infused her collection with a modern take on the floral and leaves motifs. It was Honor’s signature silhouette that read femininity most, in a full spectrum of lively colors that ranged from bold oranges, to citrus yellows.

The innovative fabrics treated with silicon translated into flawless structure and had a particular shine that pushed the party frocks to an entirely different level of chicness. Intricate cut-outs, cropped silhouettes, flirty shorts and bow detailed dresses are in charge of making the transition between seasons as effortless and light as possible.

You can see all of the Honor pre-autumn / fall 2013 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.