Ins2omniac Spring / Summer 2014

Spiros Stefanoudakis, the designer of famous brand InSomniac, presented his new spring / summer 2014 collection ‘Diamonds’. In the show we saw stylish clothes that impressed us and the designer managed to capture again our interest without deviating from his signature style. Last season the designer was inspired by Paris and each model seemed to have come from a Parisian boutique. This year, his inspiration was diamonds and the designer showed us elegant dresses, gowns and jumpsuits combined with amazing jewellery in gold and silver.

The dresses embraced the bodies of models in a unique way and have sexy details like fine cuttings or bodice-style corsets. The dominant colors were blue, black, white, beige and pale pink.

You can see all of the Ins2omniac spring / summer 2014 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Photography by Studio Panoulis