Issey Miyake spring 2013: peddling gent

If you spot a particularly stylish gent peddling around town on a bicycle, he’s probably Issey Miyake’s spring 2013 man. Miyake’s collection was inspired by “bicycle-riding around town”: the town part being an important distinction as this man was a flaneur on wheels, or perhaps an urban male getting from A to B in style – not a cyclist out to win the Tour De France.

Issey Miyake has a way of bringing Japanese tradition into something modern, this time in unique methods like taking Washi paper, bonding it with rayon, and laminating the surface to make it washable. Even zippers were partially made from
Washi paper, while ikat dying added another traditional element.

The bicycle inspiration took shape in unexpected ways as well. Reflector tape was used as a highlight. Water repellent finishes gave Miyake’s cycling gents an ability to face any weather conditions. Long coats were cut with volume at the back as if to accommodate the bicycle seat.

Bringing a Japanese heritage to a collection suited to any urban man, Miyake’s Paris fashion week show was perfectly themed. It even opened with models riding the runway on bikes.

You can see all of the Issey Miyake spring / summer 2013 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Also from this fashion show.


Photography by Imaxtree