Issey Miyake Spring / Summer 2013

The Issey Miyake brand has a respect for culture and tradition that’s equalled only by its willingness to push boundaries technologically. Heritage is carried through, like a flame lit in the past that helps light the future: but it doesn’t dictate. Creative Director Yoshiyuki Miyamae thus has a vision, and uses unique techniques in fabrication to bring it to life.

For spring / summer 2013 the vision was one of an avian nature. Miyamae was imagining vibrantly coloured birds “alighting on water and flapping their wings”. And there was something bird-like about the clothes even though none of the prints were birds or even feathers. The abstract prints formed visual illusions thanks to double-sided printing and uniquely formed pleats. You could see just how intricate these techniques were as the clothes sailed past on the Paris fashion week (PFW) runway; it’s likely photos won’t do them much justice.

The effect of flight and wing-flapping was also created by lightweight fabrics that streamed behind models as they moved – particularly around necklines and collars – and by the occasional ruffle or scarf draped around the shoulders. Hair was fluffy and eyes a shimmery glacial blue to match the exotic bird theme.

In finishing the show, the Issey Miyake models started criss-crossing around the runway. Then, they really became a flock of birds, weaving in and out of each other in a beautiful, practiced, chaos.

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