Issey Miyake Spring / Summer 2014

Sun, moon, stars. The Issey Miyake brand has a knack for using technology to mimic the beauty of nature, whether it’s the magic of a bird in flight or the colourscape of a mountain range. Spring / summer 2014 brought the silvery light of the moon and stars to the runway through techniques like steam stretching and grid knitting; techniques that – to the mere mortal – sound as if they might only be accomplished by an ancient and mysterious order of textile-working monks. And yet the results were simple to behold, though none the less impressive: making something highly complex look beautifully simple is a specialty of the brand, after all.

Metallic textiles and hole punched leather imagined themselves as showers of shooting stars. Pieces of pure white glistened as the moonlight. And the sunlight component of the show brought with it washes of colour like sunsets melting into gradients of sky.

The Issey Miyake spring collection sought a way to wear the light. Its unusual soundtrack – performed live by El Wada as the Braun Tube Jazz Band – was percussed from rays of light on television sets, manipulated to create sound. Who’d have thought there could be a way to both hear the light and wear it? On this Paris fashion week runway, seems anything was possible.

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