J Brand Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

Carrying in mind the portrait of the modern woman who wants to “look relevant” without having to compromise too much of her personal aesthetic in favor of the temporality represented by the fashion trends, Donald Oliver, the creative director over at J Brand, envisioned a basic, cutting-edge, city-ready fall / winter 2013 collection with the strongest accent on denim.

Based on functionality, the highest level of comfort and a little bit of a necessary edge, you can easily see why this uncomplicated recipe seems to be working time and time again, for nearly every woman out there. Of course, the essential silhouettes are being reinterpreted from a luxurious point of view, as nothing remains truly unmarked by the passing of the seasons.

In essence, the beautiful staple pieces carry on with the same classic purpose, but there is something intriguing, almost provocative in their old-made-new sense of tailoring. And the reality of the matter is that women will always fall for clothing they can actually build a wardrobe upon and then wear again and again, without having to even try that hard.

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