Jason Wu’s soft fetish

Helmet Newton is like a gift that keeps on giving; a bottomless well of sartorial inspiration. Sometimes the product of a Newton-inspired endeavour falls flat, and sometimes the homage is entirely successful – usually the former is a result of attempted imitation, the latter a result of gifted inspiration. Of Jason Wu’s spring / summer 2013 collection, we’ll file it under the latter. Wu took the underlying fetishism – the black and white, the androgynous tailoring, the physical restraint manifested on the New York fashion week (NYFW) runway as leather harnesses – and gave it all his own spin. A soft and feminine spin.

The offspring of Wu’s feminine touch an Newton’s strict fetishism? Leather skirts in full silhouettes, laser-cut to incorporate black lace trim. Printed silk whose pattern looked like the ghost of a white flower. Black-widow netting over eyes, and on gloves. And the winning final outfits of voluminous tulle skirting, near devoid of any toughness with the exception of a studded leather belt or slim, elegant harness. And recalling Wu’s collaboration with La Perla, it’s no real wonder the mix of leather and lace came together so well.

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Photography by Imaxtree