Jasper Conran Spring / Summer 2013

You couldn’t miss the hippie vibe going on at Jasper Conran. You had only to notice folksy white doves appliquéd onto denim, full-skirted maxi dresses and colourful patchworks. Besides; nothing says hippie more than bare feet on grass (albeit of the fake kind). With those references, Conran’s spring / summer 2013 collection could have felt like it was ripped straight from the costume department of a Hair production, or at least the bowels of some dusty vintage store. But Conran avoided anything too obvious and gave every nod to the 1960s and ’70s a breath of very fresh (and highly saleable) air.

And that’s the interesting thing about Conran’s London fashion week show. As a man in the business for so long, Conran knows what sells and how to sell it. This season he churned out pieces that had sexy, youthful appeal. But even the pieces on the runway that’ll be purchased by women as 9-5 staples – the relaxed tailored suits, the failsafe black pea coat – were made sexy, a little bohemian even, by way of bare feet and bare chests. With clever styling Conran’s show gelled together thematically disparate pieces that, between them, will have every audience and age group covered. And you have to give him props for that.

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Photography by Imaxtree