Jayson Brunsdon’s vintage elegance

Jayson Brunsdon‘s Spring 2010 woman had all the polished perfection of a Stepford Wife, and all the elegance of Grace Kelly. I went in expecting to be mildly impressed and walked out head-over-heels in love – and I must say that Brunsdon’s show, in all its unostentatious glory, was one of my RAFW (Australian fashion week) favourites.

Some dresses had cinched waists and 50s prom silhouettes, while the ankle-length gowns didn’t flow but rather fell to create a smooth unbroken line. Sketchy striped prints in peach and tan had a 60’s sophistication, as did must-have two-tone patent wedges, and patent bags in edible candy store colours of peppermint and sherbet.

Clean white Broderie Anglais shirts and dresses had a feeling of freshness; and I can’t help but adore the the tie-front bandeaus, which contrasted playfully to the high necks and buttoned-up collars.


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