Jena Theo Autumn / Winter 2013

“The girls stood in a group, wearing bright lipstick and the blank, wary expressions of half bright souls turned mean and nervous from too much bitter wisdom in too few years.”

A collection quoting Hunter S Thompson was never going to be anything less than a little eclectic and defiant. Jena.Theo’s fall 2013 girls came and clustered at the runway entrance like the personification of Thompson’s lipsticked, half bright souls. They did have the mean desirability of cool girls all the other girls wish they could to be: with their leather chokers and deeply side parted hair that obscured one eye.

Paint splattered printswere somewhere between fine art and graffiti. Volume was key, the duo playing with shapes in unique and exaggerated ways. Pretty but not soft, outfits were laden with attitude. As the collections notes put it, nothing was ever quite what it seemed.

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Also from this fashion show.


Photography by Imaxtree