Jiwenbo Spring / Summer 2014 men’s

To understand where Jiwenbo’s spring collection was coming from, it’s worth understanding the philosophy that inspired it: “The hand that gives gathers.” It’s minimalism reduced to the essence of a single, elegantly poetic statement. Take away what isn’t necessary, and reap the rewards.

That didn’t equate to a lack of detail for Jiwenbo. Origami-like folds and rich textured fabrics meant no outfit – even those of head to toe black – was boring. There was an immaculate quality to the tailoring that dominated the first half of the show, while a second segment eased up to lightweight printed silks and slim cut evening wear that oozed a – dare I say it for menswear? – sexual quality, perhaps part courtesy the confidence either required by, or instilled in, the wearer. You could never be anything but in awe of a man in a slim, shiny brocade suit with slicked hair and round sunglasses: especially when he manages – inexplicably – not to look too much.

Whatever it was in the minimalist philosophy that kept Jiwenbo’s mix of luxe details and clean cuts, traditional Chinese with modern West, from going over the top, it worked. In giving something away, Jiwenbo gathered.

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Photography by Imaxtree