Julien David Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

Closing the first day of Paris fashion week (PFW), Julien David embraced a playful direction with his fall / winter 2013 presentation, allowing to the lightness and fluidity of the fabrics to find their counterparts in heavier, more solid textures. As a result, the intriguing collection quivered between urban and formal, being envisioned for “a well-educated girl who went out on her own and got a wild side.”

That wild side was easily recognizable in the choice of an absorbing hairy wool, used to redefine the silhouettes of a strict coat, a slim cut skirt and another ultra-feminine dress-suit exuding of untamed energy. Thinking of the colder days, David came up with hooded puffers and oversized double-breasted wool coats, equally cool alternatives to brave the unfriendly winter temperatures. The closing number, an arresting jumpsuit featuring a cartoonish paparazzi-like print, overlaid by a lightweight plumetis, helped complete the fearless portrait of the Julien David woman this season.

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Photography by Imaxtree