Julien Fournie Couture Spring 2014: wearable fairytales

Discounting an exquisite white bridal gown – with which the model’s head was haloed in a ball of baby’s breath, making her look a little like something out of a 1960s Jean Shrimpton shoot – Julian Fournié’s spring 2014 couture lineup was surprisingly wearable. The said bridal gown was wearable, too, but on a particular occasion, the kind of which goes without saying. The rest were wearable on other, non-specifiable occasions: balls (do such a thing still exist?), awards ceremonies, parties, maybe afternoon wanderings through botanical gardens in full bloom. Anything that can be attended to with elegance. Between blushing pink cheeks and braided buns entwined with flowers, models glowed with an indescribable delicacy and swan-like grace that made you fancy them as players on the stage of some classical ballet.

In speaking of wearability (and perhaps, for fear of selling short the detail that Fournié put into his pieces, the word understated is more suitable) it’s necessary to point out the use of jersey. Yes, what appeared to be a soft grey marle jersey found its way onto a couture runway, heavily embellished or – at one point – worn as a long-sleeved accompaniment to a joyfully full and metallic ball-gown skirt, in which the jersey-covered arms were thrust casually yet elegantly into deep skirt pockets.

Blush pink, dove grey, muted sea-green, silver and lilac swirled into a palette of soft hues that matched the femininity and grace of the cuts. There was a touch of theatricality, a touch of drama; but in all Fournié confirmed that not all fairytales are the stuff of dreams. Some fairytales are suitable for any girl to wear.

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Photography by Imaxtree