Julien Macdonald autumn 2013: Vegas showgirls

London’s Goldsmith’s Hall is amongst its finest venues. It is, in a word, opulent. Curtains are crimson, furnishings are gilt, and the chandeliers still burn bright courtesy of real candles. Which makes the debut of a collection entitled Viva Las Vegas, as was Julien Macdonald’s autumn 2013 collection, seem… dubious. Vegas and the Goldsmith’s Hall have little in common on the surface. But Macdonald found the link for London fashion week: both Vegas and this hall are without their subtleties.

Which led to a collection from Macdonald that you could sum up as ‘bam’. More Vegas showgirl than anything else the strip has to offer, Julien Macdonald’s autumn 2013 catwalk saw hot dress after hot dress take to the Hall’s temporary runway. They were see through, they were backless, they were all measures of metallic (but not as the metallic clothing trend would see you wear), and they were often a modern take on what a flapper girl would nowadays don. Each of them, in all their showiness, was named after a Las Vegas motif or hotel, often doing the subject matter justice. Casino Royale? Good book, good film, awful hotel, great dress.

From the plunges to the slits, from the bums to the side boob, Julien Macdonald’s autumn / winter 2013 is everything your mum hoped you might never wear. And it’s wholly unapologetic for it. Each of Macdonald’s dresses is destined for a red carpet or a magazine cover, and each has the potential of launching a career in much the same way that Versace’s safety pin dress made a name out of Liz Hurley. The starlets-in-the-making are already placing their orders.

You can see all of the Julien Macdonald autumn (fall) / winter 2013 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

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Photography by Imaxtree