Just Cavalli Resort 2014

Some resort 2014 collections chose to focus exclusively on luxurious elements, while others instead steered the wheel towards minimalism. Sitting somewhere in the middle, Just Cavalli’s line-up embodies the heart of the resort season, embracing vibrant prints, loose-fitting silhouettes and a color palette that gets you in the perfect frame of mind for an exotic adventure.

Young, fun and spirited, Just Cavalli’s resort 2014 collection revealed that the ever-fashionable Cavalli girl has indeed a softer side, one that she can flaunt without needing to let go of her edginess. Japanese art motifs and graphic floral patterns helped define the serene resort mood, alongside Cavalli’s signature animal prints. Amongst them, the swan-leopard hybrid is an impossible one to miss.

Jacquard mini-skirts, lingerie inflicted chiffon tops and trousers, silk blouses, as well as lightweight, floor-length gowns brought a sense of freshness to the resort season, celebrating everything there is to love about a wardrobe that is defined by ease and attitude.

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