Juun J fall 2014: zoot suit leathers

A leather piece in itself is fairly unremarkable, but a head to toe outfit constructed entirely of leather makes for something noteworthy. It inflicts the wearer with an Avenger-like sternness that borders on fetish. Juun J’s fall / winter 2014 collection had outfits like that – leather wrapped around the neck as snug as latex, layered over in more leather; hands gloved in leather, clutching a leather case; pants leather, boots leather… It sounds more extreme than the final product actually was: far from being leather-overload, these looks had a cool, unspeakable elegance.

Juun J also marched out leather jumpsuits made day-ready with smart overcoats; and wool suits in chalk stripe that would dominate any room with their power plays. Volume increased as the show did, turning to funnel necked furs and shiny quilted jackets and bombers with exaggerated sleeves. And then finally, another leather-wrapped outfit. Between the inspiration of ’40s zoot suits and the application of leathers, supple and firm, Juun J’s collection had a sensual yet masculine appeal. In two words – more please.

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Photography by Imaxtree