The Lanvin man is a punk refined

Refined, but a little rough around the edges. Lanvin’s spring / summer 2013 collection was infused with punk, an attitude as well as an aesthetic. Alber Elbaz and Lucas Ossendrijver’s casting favoured boys with shaved heads – or at least hair clipped sharply at the sides, the rest pulled forwards into a squared-off fringe – hard features and inked skin. But let’s not forget that opening word, refined. The tailoring that went into pleated pants and crisp shirts, the latter deliberately cut with extra volume at the back, their sleeves rolled-up with an uncompromising toughness, was of course as sharp as a razor.

Unstructured silk trench coats had a soft beauty that contrasted shirt/pant one pieces that seemed to reference boilersuits or other workwear. In mesh sleeveless tanks revealing tattooed arms Lanvin’s boy looked particularly street-wise and ready for anything. With this new direction, the Lanvin boy wants the world to know he’s tough, fearless even. Maybe he is, to borrow from Tom Waits, a diamond who wants to stay coal.

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Photography by Imaxtree