Laura Biagiotti Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2014

Laura Biagiotti’s notes spoke of casual clothes like they were the devil. Not all casual clothes, to be fair, but the ‘scruffy’ kind she’s come to see as defining the current young generation. Whatever happened to craftsmanship? Biagiotti set out to prove that it’s alive and well, if a little under-appreciated. “Artisan workmanship”, she expresses for fall / winter 2014, “is a profound expression of beauty.”

Most obvious a manifestation of her thinking was a series of dresses in a heavy embroidery; tapestries of traditionalism worked to impressive proportions. Other frocks were constructed of rich lace, or contrasting combinations of heavy wool cable knits and sweeping chiffon skirting.

Coherence is never a strong point for Biagiotti: instead every Milan fashion week brings a scattering of disparate ideas to the runway. But if the parts stand alone as quite separate to the whole, who’s to complain? Her clientele are looking for workmanship and – as her lineup attested – she was all too happy to bring it.

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Photography by Imaxtree