Lauren Moffatt’s old school sensibilities

It’s a fact of fashion weeks: the memorable runways and presentations generally happen in venues that are themselves interesting. They’re not always fit for purpose or thematically related, however – I’ve witnessed catwalks hosted in churches for collections whose religious inclinations are few and far between. Lauren Moffatt managed both a locale of interest and a collection to suit it for her autumn / fall 2012 presentation during New York fashion week (NYFW).

It was at The Old School, a New York venue whose name gives away precisely what it is, that Moffatt offered up as an interpretation of the next winter season “inspired by the innocent and classically undone style of a school-girl.”

The emphasis there should be on classically. This was a presentation at which doe eyed school girls (i.e. models) read from books while their teacher, too young to be stern with conviction, chastised her pupils’ lack of hard work. And all of them were presented like a scene out of out of a mid-20th Century, American drama. Right down to the American flag which hung beside the blackboard. And around them stood all we creatures of modernity: me in my Burberry trench, the swirling hipsters taking photos on phones that lay within studded cases, while those without phones were content to thrust point-and-click cameras on just about every angle imaginable. At we might be approaching the autumn / winter 2012 season by pondering the fashion crowd’s love of all trends revivalist, but when you see two eras side-by-side it’s clear why romanticized visions of the past continue to hold sway.

And Lauren Moffatt‘s fall 2012 collection certainly shows why. It has all the elements of 50s / 60s revivals that we’ve come to both expect and adore. Peter Pan collars abound, as do pleated skirts, but it’s the overall styling that truly works with school girl, man-style brogues styled against white knit leggings and navy below-the-knee socks.

Take away The Old School setting and the schoolyard overtones of Lauren Moffatt’s fall 2012 collection are likely to largely disappear, after all none are as overt as you might expect from a Prepped up Ralph Lauren collection. But with schoolyard overtones gone what would remain is a collection of classic sensibility. Sure, some of the motifs might be borrowed from the classroom, but the charm lies elsewhere.

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Photography by Kelly Defina