Lenny Agustin: where tradition and pop collide

Designer Lenny Agustin is herself quirky and colourful; so much an embodiment of her own brand that she’s the perfect ambassador for it. Her second line, Lennor by Lenny Agustin, showed first at Indonesia fashion week; a near psychedelic rainbow of youthful colour that literally spanned head to toe (bright headscarves at one end and striped socks under bold wedges at the other). Her main line, Lenny Agustin, showed later in the week. This, it was immediately apparent, was to be the Lennor girl grown up.

For her main line show Lenny Agustin displayed the same fearless use of colour; the same willingness for Titan clashes of print and texture. But each look here reached another level of refinement. This was not the casual wear of Lennor, nor was it in the same price bracket. More artfully constructed, and done so from quality materials (much of them handmade, Lenny later explains), these are pieces that don’t just have impact on the runway but that would stand alone easily as statement pieces when styled apart.

Lenny’s brand always starts with a core of traditional Indonesian culture, infused with modernity and other inspirations. Sometimes it’s an influence of the West, or her love of Japanese pop culture. Her latest collection takes traditional motifs usually portrayed in earthy colours and amps them up to bright, popish hues, while traditional garments – the kebaya, the sarong – are boldly updated to appeal to a new or younger audience.

Attempting to describe with words the intricacies of Lenny Agustin‘s undaunted experimentation with colour, texture, and tradition, would be largely pointless; instead it’s best to view the photos from the show to get a sense of what it’s all about. You can view the full gallery by clicking on the thumbnails at the left.