Limedrop: The Adventure

Even from a distance, Limedrop’s opening prints glowed with a sense of adventure; as if in viewing them you were transported to some rocky outcrop overlooking ancient soil below and blue sky above. That was the effect the silk prints impressionistically gave off, but on closer inspection you could see that the finer details were Aztec prints. One half of the Limedrop design duo, Nathan Price, later explained to me that this particular print was designed from a creatively reconstructed photo of Peruvian night lights.

Prints are always a big part of any Limedrop story, and for autumn / winter 2012 the Peruvian print is juxtaposed by another silk print inspired by blurred city lights. A complete contrast these two settings may be, but they’re tied neatly together by the collection’s title: The Adventure. This adventure takes it’s wearer from bustling city to remote community and does so in style.

Limedrop’s VAMFF show also built upon the kinds of shapes and cuts the label has become known for. Tail-hemmed skirts that billow behind the wearer were transposed from spring whites to winter plaids. And where no prints were involved a clear stand-out came in the form of a tailored short-suit, perfectly updated for 2012 with its short crop and subtly smocked bell sleeves. In mustard yellow this was an outfit fit for both city and outback adventures.

You can see all of the Limedrop autumn / winter 2012 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Photography by Kelly Defina