Maison Martin Margiela fall 2014: menswear improvisation

Margiela’s collection notes had me imagining a post-apocalyptic wasteland of Mad Max proportions, where parts of an old world were salvaged and reclaimed to form a ragged yet optimistic vision of the future. The reclamation of utilitarian flotsam was as the notes promised – a vest formed of deconstructed vintage school satchels here, a set of lost keys forming an accessory there – but you had to look closely. This was no wasteland but a utopia fought for, and us, the viewers, not privy to what casualties there may have been in the fight. We were presented with only the beauty, of function and of form.

The Margiela utopia brought together industrial and military fragments in a way that hinted at a time past without being over thematic. It was an imagined time, not any particular era, magpie-picked for the objects most ripe for reimagining. The most genius twists were the easiest to replicate: braces attached not to a trouser, but worn diagonally across shirt to jacket. In an imagined world of improvisations, the Margiela man is king.

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